My major jazz trumpet bebop project is about my biggest hero; Dizzy Gillespie, and my first trumpet teacher Joop Thijssen teached me the horn and introduced me to Dizzy's music; i dreamed to play like Dizzy when i was a young boy!

Thanx to my later teachers Eddie Engels, Wim Kuijlenburg, Jeff Reijnolds and Cees Smal i jumped into bebop more and more, i was hooked!

What a musician Dizzy was, what a person, what a history!

Dizzy went to Cuba, met percussion player Chano Pozo and started playing with all these fantastic latin musician; finally he mixed up bebop with latin, that made Dizzy the first important jazz musician inventing two leading jazz styles; Cubop. 

For me he was and still is far the best and most inspiring and impressive horn player i ever heard. Once i met him during the North sea jazz festival in The Hague...a moment i will never forget.

Specially for him i wrote a song called I'm Dizzy, below you can see the video of the studio recording.

VIDEO i'm Dizzy